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4 to 5:30 PM in our SunDial clubroom.


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The Three C's - Compare, Contrast & Critique

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Tuesday, February 06 09:00 AM
Sundial Rec Center - Camera Guild clubroom
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What do you get when you add C + C + C?  Well, that would be a good case of A - for analysis!  What concepts have you successfully incorporated into your photos?  Are your images becoming more technically and compositionally sound?  How did you shoot before these classes?  How did your images look before?  What about now?  By understanding where we have been, we can plan where we want to go.  The ability to critically self-analyze or critique is vital to all experienced photographers.  To help you develop this skill, we'll start with comparing and contrasting, so bring your questions and previous class images with you on a flash drive, and we will help you continue your photographic journey!

Classes are $5 per class for CGSC members, Non-CGSC, RCSC members are welcomed too, cost for each class is $10.  Membership to the Camera Guild is available for $20 per person or $25 per household. Please pay when you arrive for the class.


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  • Tuesday, February 06 09:00 AM

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