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Mark your calendar to attend our June 1st "First Friday" gallery opening.

4 to 5:30 PM in our SunDial clubroom.


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Completely Out of AUTO

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Tuesday, February 13 09:00 AM
Sundial Rec Center - Camera Guild clubroom
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Beginning photographers usually start with their cameras in the automatic setting.  Who can blame them when modern cameras have so many dials and menus?  Great photographers know how to use each of these options to capture their subjects in an artful way rather than settling for the averaging that the automatic setting delivers.  Join us as we leave the safety of the AUTO setting and explore the more artistic options of the Mode dial - namely Aperture, Shutter, and Manual. Find out which option is best for capturing your artistic intent in different shooting situations.  

Classes are $5 per class for CGSC members, Non-CGSC, RCSC members are welcomed too, cost for each class is $10.  Membership to the Camera Guild is available for $20 per person or $25 per household.  Please pay when you arrive for the class.




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  • Tuesday, February 13 09:00 AM

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