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Fabruary Print Competition

There will be a February print competition with critique from the single judge at the February 17 general meeting. 

Three prints may be entered; no fee

  • This is a fully open print competition (color or monochrome, straight photos, or post-processed using effects, with no topics or themes—no title required).
  • The print must/can be of an image you photographed at any time; it can have been printed by any digital or analog photographic method; and, it does not have to be current, and can be from any time that you were photographing. Prints of scans are valid entries.
  • Enter up to three unmounted prints, any size, but not to exceed 16x20; borderless or bordered, and any paper type or finish.
  • Prints may be optionally dry mounted on a single matt board (11x14 or 16x20); if mounted, the matt will be deemed part of the composition of the image, and will be technically considered in the judging; there will be no extra credit for mounting a print.
  • The judge will be allowed to handle your print entries using print handling gloves and examine them in detail, if he/she so desires, rather than being judged from a uniform distance.

How to enter: A drawer in the main club room has been labeled for this competition. In it you will find numbered stickers and a sheet for your name. Match the numbered row with your name to a sticker number which you will adhere to the back of the print (upper left corner facing the back of the print). Place the print face down. The deadline for entering a print at the club room is February 16; but you can bring an entry to the Saturday, February 17 meeting prior to meeting start (9:00am). It's that easy

More 2018 Competition information to come. An email notification will go out to members once this page has been updated.

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