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Member Images on RCSC's website

Members are regularly solicited to contribute images for use on the club's RCSC website page. Check out the current member's photos and the Camera Guild page on the RCSC website at:

If you would like to have some of your photos on the website, send them to Ruth Welscott @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Member Online Image Sharing

The themed image collections listed below represent various opportunities for sharing photos within the following major categories:

  • Peer-Judged Competition — Other members will be able to cast votes for their favorite entries
  • Members Images—Open Gallery — Here's an open gallery for you to upload any image you'd like to share with the group. No theme; any topic. It is a competition only in that our members can vote for their favorites. Even if you leave Sun City for the summer, you can show us what you've been photographing
  • Grab and Go — images that members submit from these regularly scheduled photo destination day trips
  • Other — any image or video theme (class exercises, demonstrations, experiments, etc)

Whether you're a year 'round resident or a seasonal Sun City resident, if you have Internet access you can share your photos here. You must be registered on the website and logged in to submit photos.

Here are your links to our themed member image sharing collections. New themes will be announced, or you can always check here by clicking on Current Categories to the right.

You may view the images without logging in to this website. However, you must log in to submit an image, vote, or have editing access to your own images.
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