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Dark Sky Photo Event

Monday, July 24, 2017 04:30 PM
Burro Creek Campground, AZ - Burro Creek Campground, Wikieup, AZ 85360
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This event has been moved to Thursday, July 27th as the best weather forecasted date for the area with very low moonlight. As of Wednesday morning, July 26th, the weather forecast for Thursday in Wikieup shows a 0% rain chance. We will meet in our clubroom Thursday morning at 11:00 am to discuss last  minute details.

This is a dark-sky photo shoot to capture the milky-way galaxy and bright nebula. Moonset will be about 10:30PM and the moon will only be at an 18% crescent. The milky way will be due south with the low-light moon setting in the east, providing enough low light to illuminate the landscape but not interfering with the dark sky. 

Located 95 miles from Sun City, 60 miles north of Wickenburg and 18 miles south of Wikieup, milepost 141) in very dark skies. This is your chance to see what it is like to capture truly remarkable dark sky images. A mirrorless or DSLR camera with a wide lens (less than 30 mm) is almost a must. Bring a tripod and a remote shutter release (or use your 2-second delay timer).

You will be manually setting focus (difficult), aperture open or stopped down just a bit, shutter between 15 - 30 seconds, ISO set high (4,000 - 10,000) and in RAW. We can walk through this prior to it getting dark. We will also try taking enough "identical" images for photo-stacking to reduce noise by using the Photoshop "medium" blending option. This will be easier if you use an intervalometer. We will be there to help. Depending on the foreground, light painting will be tried too. If you have a small flashlight, bring that and preferably have a red filter to reduce light pollution. We suggest you turn off any long-exposure noise reduction settings.

We need to consider dinner, so a BBQ is possible, so bring some charcoal and some food. The campground is open always and no reservations are needed. But the night temperature in the area normally does not get below 85 degrees. Water, tables and restrooms are available.

On this date, the milky way rises to a good elevation by 8:30 PM, but best images will be captured after 9:30. 

Closest lodging is in Wickenburg if that works for you. Most of us will just drive home.


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