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Dark Sky Photo-shoot

The weather forecast in Wikieup for Thursday, July 27 is excellent. Those planning to drive to Burro Creek Campground for our dark sky photo-shoot need to attend a meeting in our clubroom at 11:00 AM on Thursday for final planning.

Our departure time will be set during that meeting and should be sometime around 4 to 5 PM. 

Night Photo Shoot and Sunshine Update

As of Monday, July 24th, the planned night photo-shoot remains a bit iffy because of unpredictable weather. Please watch this space on Wednesday for a final decision. Also, take a moment to read the Sunshine news which can be found just below the member login area on the lower right.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 1st meeting was very well attended. John Wood's presentation of strobe high-speed photography was outstanding, as was Cheri Kennedy's photo show on their trip to Germany. Other images shared including New Mexico (George McMahon) and New York (Howie Zatulove), both very informative.

These Summer meetings have turned out surprisingly well attended and we are all learning new tricks of the trade. 

July 18th Potluck is set to start at 4 PM. Bring something to share. Rose and Dan will find enough pulled-pork as asked for. Please feel free to donate a small amount to help out on the main meat dish.

July 24th Darksky photoshoot at Burro Creek Campground. Timed to the new-moon phase and located 95 miles from Sun City, 60 miles north of Wickenburg and 18 miles south of Wikieup) in very dark skies. This is your chance to see what it is like to capture truly remarkable dark sky images. A mirror-less or DSLR camera with a wide lens (less than 30 mm) is almost a must. Bring a tripod and a remote shutter release (or use your 2-second delay timer). We will meet up in the clubroom at 10:30 that morning to double check equipment and weather.

Rose and Dan will go up a bit early to set up their tent. Let us know that morning if you want to BBQ or some other activity while there.

July News

Heads up Summer members! We have a few items on the calendar for July that we will be discussing on Saturday's July 1st meeting.

  1. During the meeting, John Wood will be showing ways to take strobed images, a fun project for the Summer.
  2. We have our July 18th Potluck at Lakeview. John will poll members who plan to attend. We are asking small a donation for the main meat dish and decide on Saturday what the dish should be.
  3. We have a July 24th Dark Sky photoshoot planned. We identified an alternative location just in case, but the Burro Creek Campground remains our best bet. Those planning to join us are asked to meet in clubroom around 10 AM that morning.

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