Private Tour of Monument Valley


Private Tour of Monument Valley
Wed, April 22 2020, 5:45 am - Thu, April 23 2020, 11:00 pm


Monument Valley Private Tour Date: April 22-23, 2020

Accommodations: The View Hotel/Cabins 435-727-5555 Gouldings Lodges/Apts 435-727-3231

Hampton Inn Kayenta 855-605-0317 Wetherill Inn Kayenta 928-697-3231

Pre-Trip Meeting: CG Office Tuesday April 14th @ 1PM followed by a class on photographing Star Trails and Star Points by Willard Mears.

Car Pool: Sun Dial 0545 leaving at 0600
Travel Time to Monument Valley: 6 Hours 314 Miles

Reservations: You must reserve on-line at the CG website and pay a holding fee for your slot. The holding fees will be $100 for tour 1&2 and/or $50 for tour #3 ($150 for all three, see the underlined section below) If you cancel you will be refunded the full amount if another person fills your slots. If the slot remains empty you will receive $25 back per tour and the other $25 per tour goes to offset the added cost the other participants would incurr. The remaining balance of your tours and the cost of food delivery would be due upon arriving at Monument Valley. (the final balance would be $240 for all three tours including the food delivery). Holding fees go to Richard Gehlbach.

Special Tour: Minimum of 4 people, Maximum of 12 people in 1-3 SUVs.

The tour cost: $125.00 per person per tour (total of $375 for all three tours)

#1. 4-Hour guided photography tour April 22nd afternoon through sunset. Starts at 2PM. We stay out for tour #2 with meals being delivered to us.

#2. 4-Hour guided tour April 22nd to photograph the Mitten (star trails and star points.) We will return to the View Hotel at 10 or 11 PM.

#3. 4-hour morning photography tour leaves at 5:30 AM on April 23rd and visits many of the sites we saw the day prior in the afternoon. However, there is a difference between the afternoon sun and shadows and the morning sky and shadows. The bluer morning skys, shadows from different angles, and morning sun rays.

You can opt out of tour #3 or tour 1&2. Tours 1 & 2 are combined as they do not return to the hotel in between.

Sandwiches and cokes: $15.00 per person (delivered after tour #1, before #2) Night Photo of Mitten: $30.00 per tour (Split)
Navajo on Horseback at Famous Point Photo Op: $30.00 per tour. (Split) Navajo/Sheep Photo OP: Navajo drives a herd of sheep down a sand dune $250 per tour. (Split)

Equipment: Tripod, wide angle lens, automatic shuttler release, and "red" headlamp are necessary to get clear star photographs and do not produce bright white lights that will hamper other photographers.

Willard Mears established contacts and did a lot of research so that we can have this opportunity to get some great photographs not available to regular tourists. The tour cost and food is per person. The other costs are "split" among the number of people on the tour. The minimum number is 4 and the maximum will be 12. There are three tours. The April 22nd tour (1&2) begins at the View Hotel where we will meet the guides at 2:00PM in the lobby. This is the afternoon/evening tour with sunset, shadows, and star photography. Since we are photographing star points and trails we do not want anyone painting the foregrounds with light as this will interfere with the other photographers. The third tour is the next morning at 5:30 AM. This is the early morning tour that will take us to some locations where we can experience the morning light and shadows. Some of those sites are listed below. Be forewarned we will be returning late on the 22nd and getting up early on the 23rd so we will get little sleep that night. We also encourage all to have snacks packed for the morning tour on the 23rd as we may not have an opportunity to have breakfast prior to leaving. We encourage all participants to tip the guides as well as the the locals who participate and pose for the phoptographs. We would like to maintain good relationships for future trips. It is recommended that all attend the pre- meeting for questions, answers, car pooling, etc. It is also suggested thet you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible as this is not the slowest time of the year for Monument Valley .

Rick Gehlbach

Potential sites visited include: Tear Drop Arch, Ear of the Wind Arch, Moccasin Arch, Sune Eye Arch, Big Hogan Arch, Totem Pole and Yei-Bi-Chei with rippled sand dunes in the foreground, The Three Sisters (from another angle). .


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