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  • On April 03, 2019
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    SCANVANGER HUNT – CLUB ONLY EVENT Part One: What’s it all about? Having fun taking pictures of items located in Sun City only, How, by finding the itemized objects within a two-day period. The list of items will be sent in an email blast from John and on the bulletin board the day before the Hunt begins. All are simple objects, all are located in Sun City. Part Two: Two weeks to print, limited post processing to a size of 12 X 10, no larger, color or monochromatic. ** Optional! Mount on mat board or core board for ease of showing and handling. Part Three: April 20th at the General Meeting, the participants will arrange their work on the appropriate table that matches their print category. The club will vote on the picture they like best in each category. Those who win will have a chance to tell where they found it and how they processed it. When completed the entire membership at the meeting will vote by paper ballot for the best in show winner, who will be presented with a prize. Sound like fun??? ?
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