Beyond Selfies

From December 18, 2018 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm
Categories: Classes

Learn the ins and outs of cell phone photography and editing in this two-day class. The classes include instruction as well as hands-on practice.

Day 1 December 11—The most obvious camera at any event or vacation spot is the cell phone or tablet. Since this is the camera that is always with you, it may be time to become more proficient in it’s use. We will explore issues like camera stability, front vs. the rear camera, image size, camera apps, and file transfer.
Bring to class: cell phone and/or tablet 

Day 2 December 18—Photo editing in smart phones is especially easy. We will use Google’s free SnapSeed app to put the finishing touches on your phoneography images, then take a glimpse into the future of cell phone photography.
Bring to class: smart phone with images and the SnapSeed app.

Cost is $5 a class for Camera Guild members, $10 a class for RCSC card holders/non-CGSC members.  A special price for CGSC members is available at a cost of $50 for all classes between December 2018 thru April 2019. 


  • Thomas Fowles
  • Beryl Jacobson