General Meeting

General Meeting
Wed, May 18 2022, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Monthly General Meeting

Location: Sonoran Room at Grand Center.  Presentations, education, and social interactions.  Refreshments served.

This meeting is our Wednesday meeting dedicated to reviewing and critiquing member images. The theme for this meeting is "Macro Photography."  Please bring 2 sets of images for this meeting.  For each set of images, one image is the one as you shot it in the camera and the other image is your final processed image.

Click the links below for Action Cards regarding this theme:

Action Card - Macro Photography

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure your images are in JPG format so they display with the photo viewer program we use for the critiquing (this program does not support other formats such as TIFF, camera raw, etc.).  Also, be sure your images are on a USB stick since that is the hardware on the laptop we use to show your images.  Please do not bring your images on camera memory cards, etc. because the laptop does not have a card reader.  If you don't have a USB stick, come early and transfer your images to a USB drive using one of the computers in the Club Computer Room which have card readers.

Some Helpful Videos (YouTube)

21 Ideas for Macro Photography at Home - YouTube

How CHEAP Extension Tube Photography Compares to EXPENSIVE Macro Lenses - YouTube

An Introduction To Macro Photography - YouTube

Macro Photography for Beginners – Complete Tutorial - YouTube

How to Capture Amazing Macro Photos at Home - Hands-on with Don Komarechka - YouTube

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