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Beyond Selfies 4


Beyond Selfies 4
Mon, Dec 11, 2023, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Beyond Selfies

     This series of classes is intended help everyone become an effect photographer and become knowledgeable in photography using only a cell phone.

     Any smart phone regardless of age and manufacturer can be used for these classes. Please bring a fully charged phone to each class.  Fully charged tablets are useful in photo editing. Some classes have additional requirements as provided in the following descriptions.  Lari Ott has been teaching these classes since 2015, continually updating each class as cell phone technology has evolved.
     All classes are interactive and each class is approximately three hours in length.

BEYOND SELFIES 1 - Cell Phone Photography
     As cell phone technology has rapidly changed, the distinction between photography with cell phones and conventional cameras has decreased.  Students will learn to use features of their cell phone as an authentic camera.  This class is particularly useful to those who intend to or have purchased a new cell phone.

     Older smart phones that lack a “professional” or “pro” camera settings may need to purchase a manual camera app from your app store.  Suggested apps include Pro Camera by Moment, Focos, Halide Mark II, or Manual-RAW Camera.

BEYOND SELFIES 2 - Photo Editing
     Participants learn to edit their photographs on their electronic devices (phones or tablets) using a free photo editing app.  Since photo editing is best achieved on a larger screen, tablets are an excellent choice for photo editing.

     Fully charged smart phones or tablet to class may be used.  Prior to class download the free Google Snapseed app on your phone directly from the Apple or Android store.  Bring photos of a landscape, a person’s face, a geometric object, and a textured scene with multiple similar objects crowded into the frame.

BEYOND SELFIES 3 - Perceptual Composition
     Give your photos greater impact.  Good photographic techniques are based upon visual perceptions that each photographer already possess.  Learn how your visual perception of composition already works and how you can use this information to take advantage of every photographic situation.  Come a bit early to shoot required photos and be ready to critically view images.

BEYOND SELFIES 4 - Advanced Photo Editing TODAY
     Participants MUST be experienced users of Snapseed.  We will explore the advanced photo editing techniques of masking and layers that are typically found in expensive photo editing programs.  These techniques allow you to make powerful changes in your photos like replacing color and backgrounds, as well as combining images.

     Bring a charged smart phone or tablet to class.  Participants MUST be familiar with the operation of the Google Snapseed app and have it installed on their phones/tablets.


     To sign up for a class or classes, log into select the class(es) and then select “I will attend”.  If your plans change, sign into the website, select the class and then “I will not attend” so the space will be available to others.

Fee: $15.00 for each class or $50 if signing up for all 4 classes at the first class.

Class size: Limited to 24 people for each class


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